Work and Life of Securus CEO, Rick Smith

Rick Smith is the president and CEO of Secures Technologies. Securus Technologies is a profit based prison tech company. Under the leadership of Rick Smith, the organization provides technology that protects the society. Today, the institution specializes in both the civil and criminal justice tech. In a broader perspective, Rick runs a company responsible for providing solutions that focus on solving and preventing crime both in the free world and in the cells by inmates.

Smith has served Securus technologies since 2008 under different positions. Before Securus Technologies, Rick Smith worked at Eschelon Telecom Inc. There, he held different positions. In 1998, Smith worked as the chief financial officer until March 2000. In 1999, he took up the role of the chief operating officer until 2003. Rick got a promotion and became the president of Eschelon Telecom Inc. in 2000. He worked under this mandate until 2003 when he became the chief executive officer of the enterprise. Before Eschelon Telecom, Smith served as the vice president of financial management at Frontier Corp. Rick spent 20 years of his career in this institution. Here, he grew his resume by working under several positions.

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In the course of his career, Smith held several positions. He worked as a controller, chief information officer, the president of Frontier Information Technologies. At Midwest Telephone Operations, Smith worked as the vice president. In 2008, he got appointed to the board at Securus. In 2009, Smith was chosen by the board to take the role of Chairmanship in the institution. Additionally, he served on the board in Eschelon Telecom Inc.

Rick Smith holds an associate degree in Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology. He also holds an MBA from the University of Rochester. Smith attained his Master’s degree from State University of New York at Brockport. There, he mastered in mathematics. Additionally, Smith acquired his professional degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo. There, he studied a bachelor of science in electrical engineering.

Rick Smith, through Securus Limited, commits to providing technology that improves and facilitates the performance of prison activities. Additionally, the technology provided allows the inmates to stay in touch with the advancement in the outside world. However, providing this kind of technology in the penitentiary is prone to misuse. Therefore, Securus goes further to employ measures enhancing the safety of all by putting stringent measures to curb cases of abuse. On the brighter side, the inmates, through Securus, can make calls, both voice and visual to their loved ones. An additional feature involving email setup is also included. Through the provision of these gadgets, the inmate gets a picture of the developments in the outside world and consequently, helps them adjust at the time of release. Follow Rick’s profile at

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