Securus Technologies Caught a Corrupt Staff Member

I am a corrections officer at the state prison and responsible for ensuring the safety of every individual behind those walls. Not only must I keep all my fellow officers safe, I need to ensure visitors and inmates are protected as well. Once you introduce drugs into any equation behind bars, things immediately go from bad to deadly.


Recently we had one inmate who was already a handful to subdue, taking drugs and requiring a half-dozen officers to bring him down. If an inmate like that can get their hands on weapons, there is no telling how much trouble they can cause. To eliminate the threat of drugs in prison, my team of officers work very hard at surprise cell inspections and doing thorough searches of any visitor coming to the jail.


Securus Technologies had completed the installation of a new inmate call monitoring system this month, and my team discovered this would be another resource in our efforts to stop drug flowing to the jail. Securus Technologies is currently in over 2,500 prison systems, and the employees of that company and CEO Rick Smith all work toward the objective of keeping the world that much safer.


Within hours of learning how to use the LBS software, we took turns working the monitoring system. On one of the calls we discovered inmates discussing drug use in each other’s cells. We heard inmates telling visitors how to get the drugs past security. On the most disturbing of all calls, it was revealed that visitors were being told to go through a checkpoint with a certain officer. We later discovered with the help of the Securus Technologies monitoring system that this corrupt staff member was on the take and letting people into the jail with drugs and getting a piece of the action.


David Giertz: Lifetime of Overachievement

America’s employees need to have a clear perceptive of their alternatives to classify a filing strategy for Social Security. According to David Giertz, it will link the filing strategy to their general retirement arrangement. David serves as the president of distribution and sales for Nationwide Financial. Where David serves, they provide an end-to-end Social Security model and retirement product remedies that equip advisors to be the authorities that their clients expect them to be, or even surpass their expectations at

Captain of Industry

David Luther Giertz has been in the financial services business for more than 30 years. He feels very strongly about the importance of social security and the significance of including it in the retirement plan. In 2014, the accomplished, inspirational and visionary leader saw the development of a program that would help investors evaluate strategies of filing social security benefits and impact their retirement plans on LinkedIn. Born in the 1960s, David joined Nationwide Investment Services Corporation in 1999 as Regional Vice President in Miami, Florida.

While there, David Giertz increased revenue by 48% in 7 states and Puerto Rico. Nationwide is a Fortune 100 company that has exhibited an unwavering commitment to clients for more than 90 years. Before that, he worked at Citicorp Investment Services as Financial Services Advisor then Area Director then was later elevated to executive vice president of Sales. David Giertz consistently surpassed expectations during his decade-long career there.

Certification and Academics

Mr. Giertz is a certified business coach with the World Association of Business Coaches. He is on a quest to promote a coaching culture and therefore facilitated the certification of more than 100 leaders. David managed a world class Gallup Association engagement score. With an employee engaged to disengaged ratio of 83:1, he was well into the 80th percentile. Dave Giertz studied at Millikin University and later got his MBA from University of Miami. He is a registered broker with FINRA having passed four exams. He was the board chairman of Trustees at his alma mater, Millikin University and even chaired the Budget and Finances Board during his 9-year stay. David has also served on the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce.

Eva Moskowitz And Her Fight For The Rights Of Pre-Kindergarten Classes

Eva Moskowitz created the charter school known as the Success Academy and they have recently won a grant for $250,000. Their future plans include the creation of a new institute.

The Broad Prize at the National Charter School Conference was accepted by Eva Moskowitz. The prize was awarded for Public Charter Schools in Washington D.C. The money is in the support of programs for college readiness for the students of the academy.

The $250,000 award is a drop in the bucket where the Success Academy is concerned. Their revenues for 2014 were $60 million and considerably higher than the $42 million reported for 2013. Eva Moskowitz feels the award from the Broad Foundation is important since it recognizes the work they have done with underprivileged kids. 

Eva Moskowitz stated the award to the Success Academy is an acknowledgement that poor students from the inner city have the ability to achieve results as good as or better than students from affluent neighborhoods. Her newest project will be the Success Academy Education Institute. The institute is designed to disseminate the tricks of the trade used by the charter network. The program is separate from the Broad Prize and comprised of the Success Academy’s reading curriculum and will be available for free to educators.

Eva Moskowitz has managed to block Mayor de Blasio’s oversight of the pre-kindergarten classes at the charter school with a victory she achieved in the courtroom. As the operator of the biggest charter school network in the city Eva Moskowitz has argued over the pre-kindergarten oversight for a year and a half. She took it so far as to refuse to sign a contract from City Hall for reimbursement for the schools pre-kindergarten classes. This caused the city to withhold the payments.

The State Supreme Court ruling stated Eva Moskowitz’s pre-kindergarten program was under the jurisdiction of the authorized for the school and not the state. This proved de Blasio has overstepped his bounds.

Buzz On Over To Bumble BFF

What’s yellow, cute, and fun all-over? Many people know about the newest (and most buzzed about) friendship app called Bumble BFF.

However, what is exciting news to many is that Bumble is innovating their technological dating service by adding an actual physical attraction that people can meet up at. This pop-up hangout spot will be located in Soho, New York, and it is called the Hive (how fitting). Of course, this hangout spot isn’t being created for dates only, as anyone who is interested in chilling in a honeycomb themed space is welcome. Yes, it actually looks like the inside of a beehive! Who wouldn’t want to hangout and pretend to be a bee for a day (or many)?

This is not Whitney Wolfe’s only 5-star worthy idea. Whitney Wolfe originally kicked off her career selling tote handbags made out of bamboo, with profits going towards areas of the world that were negatively affected by the BP oil spill. With her college knowledge gained from her International Studies major, it is no wonder that Whitney Wolfe chose to help areas of the world that were in need. These bags were actually quite popular, as even celebrities were caught wearing them. Whitney Wolfe has a philanthropic heart, but her knowledge was used for good in more ways than raising funds from a fashion start-up company.

Whitney Wolfe’s most well-known work is her contributions to the world of online dating. In fact, she made online dating popular via the mobile phone. Wolfe created Tinder, a mobile dating app known among many college campuses and the young adult population. Whitney Wolfe didn’t stop there, as she also created Bumble, one of the online world’s most successful, female-led dating services. Specifically, Bumble encourages an atmosphere where women can show interest right away without feeling out of place, as the app actually requires women to make the “first move” within twenty-four hours. Wolfe knew she had the capability to touch the lives of many, and she is continuing to grow her newest endeavor in ways that no one was seen before, now including a human beehive!