Buzz On Over To Bumble BFF

What’s yellow, cute, and fun all-over? Many people know about the newest (and most buzzed about) friendship app called Bumble BFF.

However, what is exciting news to many is that Bumble is innovating their technological dating service by adding an actual physical attraction that people can meet up at. This pop-up hangout spot will be located in Soho, New York, and it is called the Hive (how fitting). Of course, this hangout spot isn’t being created for dates only, as anyone who is interested in chilling in a honeycomb themed space is welcome. Yes, it actually looks like the inside of a beehive! Who wouldn’t want to hangout and pretend to be a bee for a day (or many)?

This is not Whitney Wolfe’s only 5-star worthy idea. Whitney Wolfe originally kicked off her career selling tote handbags made out of bamboo, with profits going towards areas of the world that were negatively affected by the BP oil spill. With her college knowledge gained from her International Studies major, it is no wonder that Whitney Wolfe chose to help areas of the world that were in need. These bags were actually quite popular, as even celebrities were caught wearing them. Whitney Wolfe has a philanthropic heart, but her knowledge was used for good in more ways than raising funds from a fashion start-up company.

Whitney Wolfe’s most well-known work is her contributions to the world of online dating. In fact, she made online dating popular via the mobile phone. Wolfe created Tinder, a mobile dating app known among many college campuses and the young adult population. Whitney Wolfe didn’t stop there, as she also created Bumble, one of the online world’s most successful, female-led dating services. Specifically, Bumble encourages an atmosphere where women can show interest right away without feeling out of place, as the app actually requires women to make the “first move” within twenty-four hours. Wolfe knew she had the capability to touch the lives of many, and she is continuing to grow her newest endeavor in ways that no one was seen before, now including a human beehive!

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