Eva Moskowitz And Her Fight For The Rights Of Pre-Kindergarten Classes

Eva Moskowitz created the charter school known as the Success Academy and they have recently won a grant for $250,000. Their future plans include the creation of a new institute.

The Broad Prize at the National Charter School Conference was accepted by Eva Moskowitz. The prize was awarded for Public Charter Schools in Washington D.C. The money is in the support of programs for college readiness for the students of the academy.

The $250,000 award is a drop in the bucket where the Success Academy is concerned. Their revenues for 2014 were $60 million and considerably higher than the $42 million reported for 2013. Eva Moskowitz feels the award from the Broad Foundation is important since it recognizes the work they have done with underprivileged kids. 

Eva Moskowitz stated the award to the Success Academy is an acknowledgement that poor students from the inner city have the ability to achieve results as good as or better than students from affluent neighborhoods. Her newest project will be the Success Academy Education Institute. The institute is designed to disseminate the tricks of the trade used by the charter network. The program is separate from the Broad Prize and comprised of the Success Academy’s reading curriculum and will be available for free to educators.

Eva Moskowitz has managed to block Mayor de Blasio’s oversight of the pre-kindergarten classes at the charter school with a victory she achieved in the courtroom. As the operator of the biggest charter school network in the city Eva Moskowitz has argued over the pre-kindergarten oversight for a year and a half. She took it so far as to refuse to sign a contract from City Hall for reimbursement for the schools pre-kindergarten classes. This caused the city to withhold the payments.

The State Supreme Court ruling stated Eva Moskowitz’s pre-kindergarten program was under the jurisdiction of the authorized for the school and not the state. This proved de Blasio has overstepped his bounds.

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