Securus Technologies Caught a Corrupt Staff Member

I am a corrections officer at the state prison and responsible for ensuring the safety of every individual behind those walls. Not only must I keep all my fellow officers safe, I need to ensure visitors and inmates are protected as well. Once you introduce drugs into any equation behind bars, things immediately go from bad to deadly.


Recently we had one inmate who was already a handful to subdue, taking drugs and requiring a half-dozen officers to bring him down. If an inmate like that can get their hands on weapons, there is no telling how much trouble they can cause. To eliminate the threat of drugs in prison, my team of officers work very hard at surprise cell inspections and doing thorough searches of any visitor coming to the jail.


Securus Technologies had completed the installation of a new inmate call monitoring system this month, and my team discovered this would be another resource in our efforts to stop drug flowing to the jail. Securus Technologies is currently in over 2,500 prison systems, and the employees of that company and CEO Rick Smith all work toward the objective of keeping the world that much safer.


Within hours of learning how to use the LBS software, we took turns working the monitoring system. On one of the calls we discovered inmates discussing drug use in each other’s cells. We heard inmates telling visitors how to get the drugs past security. On the most disturbing of all calls, it was revealed that visitors were being told to go through a checkpoint with a certain officer. We later discovered with the help of the Securus Technologies monitoring system that this corrupt staff member was on the take and letting people into the jail with drugs and getting a piece of the action.


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