Betsy DeVos Is Going To Focus On Providing Access to Choosing School

President Trump is planning to curtail the role of State in education. Betsy DeVos is the Education Secretary in his administration. She is vowing to reduce the power that her department has and transfer it to the local officials instead.

Betsy DeVos is focused on providing parents with access to making school choice. She is looking at tuition vouchers for private schools along with charter schools. These have typically been highly segregated till now. All these are meant to divert efforts towards local integration. These new attempts at curbing segregation will be coming from the approach of ground up.

Betsy DeVos has always spoken about how important school diversity is. She feels that it is a unique experience. For any young person, becoming a part of such a diverse environment will always be crucial to their development.

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She has been a philanthropist for long. Betsy DeVos has already been proven to be a leader besides being an innovator. She has been an advocate and a pioneer in education, business as well as in politics. She has always been fighting in order to remove any barriers. She wants to enact change in a way that can create environments in which people are able to get an opportunity in order to thrive.

Earlier Betsy DeVos was the Chairman of The Windquest Group. This is a Michigan-based investment as well as management firm that is privately held. It has a diverse portfolio of consumer products as well as services.

She has been actively involved in politics for over 35 years now. She has been elected as the chairman of Michigan Republican Party. This has happened four times till now. There are numerous other leadership roles in which Betsy DeVos has played a part. These were with regard to campaigns, or party organizations, as well as a number of political action committees. Her present role as Education Secretary has focused all her political efforts towards advancing of educational choices.

Betsy DeVos has always been highly active in her community. She has been the former chair of the American Federation for Children. She has also been the former chair of The Philanthropy Roundtable Board of Directors. The other local and national boards where Betsy DeVos has served include ArtPrize, besides the American Enterprise Institute. She was also involved with the Foundation for Excellence in Education. Visit their foundation at

Betsy DeVos has graduated from the Holland Christian High School. She earned her degree in Bachelor of Arts from the Calvin College located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

She is married to the entrepreneur, and well-known philanthropist Dick DeVos who is an activist too. She has four children along with five grandchildren. Dick is the son of the Richard DeVos, the founder of Amway.

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