David Giertz: Lifetime of Overachievement

America’s employees need to have a clear perceptive of their alternatives to classify a filing strategy for Social Security. According to David Giertz, it will link the filing strategy to their general retirement arrangement. David serves as the president of distribution and sales for Nationwide Financial. Where David serves, they provide an end-to-end Social Security model and retirement product remedies that equip advisors to be the authorities that their clients expect them to be, or even surpass their expectations at https://www.crunchbase.com/person/david-giertz.

Captain of Industry

David Luther Giertz has been in the financial services business for more than 30 years. He feels very strongly about the importance of social security and the significance of including it in the retirement plan. In 2014, the accomplished, inspirational and visionary leader saw the development of a program that would help investors evaluate strategies of filing social security benefits and impact their retirement plans on LinkedIn. Born in the 1960s, David joined Nationwide Investment Services Corporation in 1999 as Regional Vice President in Miami, Florida.

While there, David Giertz increased revenue by 48% in 7 states and Puerto Rico. Nationwide is a Fortune 100 company that has exhibited an unwavering commitment to clients for more than 90 years. Before that, he worked at Citicorp Investment Services as Financial Services Advisor then Area Director then was later elevated to executive vice president of Sales. David Giertz consistently surpassed expectations during his decade-long career there.

Certification and Academics

Mr. Giertz is a certified business coach with the World Association of Business Coaches. He is on a quest to promote a coaching culture and therefore facilitated the certification of more than 100 leaders. David managed a world class Gallup Association engagement score. With an employee engaged to disengaged ratio of 83:1, he was well into the 80th percentile. Dave Giertz studied at Millikin University and later got his MBA from University of Miami. He is a registered broker with FINRA having passed four exams. He was the board chairman of Trustees at his alma mater, Millikin University and even chaired the Budget and Finances Board during his 9-year stay. David has also served on the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce.